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What to Shred

What Documents to Shred

Social security numbers, blueprints, tax id numbers, how does your organization handle the destruction of these documents?  MPS puts your mind at ease by providing on-site document destruction services we provide personalized service tailored to your business needs.

All Clients are treated with personal service, never just a number. We take pride in our customer service, something which is non-existent in many service industries today.

Documents that should be shredded include the following:

  • Phone numbers
  • Tax Info.
  • Passport Info.
  • Bank Acct. Numbers
  • Invoices and Reciepts
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Insurance policies
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Canceled checks
  • Clinical Data
  • Financial Data
  • Profit & Loss statements
  • Employee Records
  • Payroll Info.
  • Any Audits and surveys
  • Market research
  • Bank Acct. Statements
  • Drivers license numbers
  • Contracts/Agreements
  • X-rays/Medical Records
  • Client or Employee Addresses
  • Inventory Lists
  • Proposals and estimates
  • Legal Papers
  • Business Plans